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Participation in EIF-PCUSA

Registering interest

Do you have these characteristics?

  • You are a Presbyterian.
  • You participate in a congregation, presbytery, synod, and/or ecumenical body.
  • You seek to build relationships and foster education related to ecumenical and/or interfaith issues and concerns.

Do you have one or more of these qualities?

  • You are interested in meeting and understanding your neighbors.
  • You are passionately concerned about the visible unity of the Church.
  • You have built relationships and lived with people of different traditions, faiths, or cultures.
  • You can share knowledge and experience about other traditions or other faiths and about the skills needed for good relationships.
  • You can build bridges between communities.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Network, please register.

Sharing knowledge and experience

How can you contribute to this web site?

  • You can provide stories that are models or that point to best practices.
  • You can provide information of interest or importance to others.

Material need not be in any special form. It will be edited. Send your contribution by clicking here.

Hosting a visit from Louisville to where you are

Three persons with primary responsibility for ecumenical and interfaith relations in the offices of the General Assembly and the General Assembly Council have announced their cooperative plan to visit presbyteries in 2007. One of them -- Jay Rock, Carlos Malave, or Robina Winbush -- is prepared to come to your presbytery. For information on the three, see the Contact Us page on this web site. Issue your invitation by e-mail as soon as possible.

Your visitor will:

  • Learn what Presbyterians are doing in ecumenical and interfaith relations where you are
  • Offer support for such work
  • Identify, through local contacts, people who can be enablers for ecumenical and interfaith efforts

Saving the date for the next network gathering

The PC(USA) Ecumenical and Interfaith Network plans to meet next in conjunction with the National Workshop on Christian Unity meeting in Chicago in April 2008. Watch for more information.

Participating in other PC(USA) events

Members of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Network can contribute their experience and viewpoints to PC(USA) colleagues at the World Mission '07: A Celebration of Grace conference on October 2-6, 2007. A plenary panel will look at Faithful Living Among Muslims: Christian Witness in Markedly Different Settings. A host of networks related to interests in particular countries will be meeting. A number of church leaders from other parts of the world will be present, including Hendrik Shanazarian of Iran and John Azumah of Ghana. There will also be mission workers and General Assembly Council-related (GAC) staff, who bring their experience of the worldwide church with which we relate in ecumenical and interfaith relationships. The deadline for the Early Bird discounted registration is June 18, and the regular registration deadline is August 20. The form is available online.


A few members of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Network leadership have also been invited to take part in the Consultation on Ecumenical Vision being conducted by the General Assembly's Committee on Ecumenical Relations (GACER) in Louisville, Ky. on September 27-29, 2007.

Finding other places to share ideas with others online

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